Insulated Glass Unit Warranty

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Insulated Glass Warranty

Western Glass Company warranties to its immediate customers that its insulating glass unit will be free from substantial obstruction of vision as a result of dust or film formation on the inside glass surfaces caused by failure of the seal due to defective material or faulty manufacturing of the unit.

The industry standard, and therefore that of our vendors, defines substantial obstruction as an obvious defect in the unit noticeable from 6 feet away. This standard is of course evaluated on a case by case basis and we are often able to warranty glass with defects seen at a closer distance – but it requires our vendor’s approval.

Western Glass receives a warranty from its vendors of the seal only for a period of (5) five years, which we pass onto our customers. If a customer is provided a replacement unit, the warranty on that unit will extend for the balance of the original (5) five year period.

This warranty does not cover:

  • Breakage
  • Improper handling
  • Improper installation
  • Film applied to the unit
  • Failure to follow Western Glass’s instruction regarding the unit

We are a company that believes standing behind our work and our products, and if failure/breakage does occur due to our installation or bad product we will warranty our work. The above information is only meant to outline the warranty and explain its limitations since we are not the manufacturer – meaning it is the same one provided to us.